TLS® Weight Loss Coach you can work one-on-one or in groups helping clients; discover what is truly important to them, with TLS® System tools educate on low glycemic profiling and lifestyle, changing behaviors, fitness to help clients achieve the outcome they most desire. It is wonderfully rewarding work, which you can do face to face, online and over the phone.

TLS® Weight Loss Solution is a complete system with specifically designed tools for you to be an effective TLS® Weight Loss Coach, build a business and help people lose weight.

What is the TLS® Weight Loss Solution? It is a system that encompasses low glycemic impact menu plans including education how to identify new favorite foods, science based supplementation to help rebalance metabolism and a graduated exercise plan all designed for a client to have 100% success.

                                  Answer these questions:

  •   Do you really want to make a difference in people’s lives?
  •   Would you like to work with a dynamic and diverse group of interesting people all over the globe, every working day?
  •   Would you like the freedom to work flexible hours
  •   Would you like control of your income?
  •   Would you like to continue to learn and grow, in a supportive professional community of open, caring and dedicated people?

  If you answered yes- TLS® Weight Loss Coach could be right for you

Benefits for Certified Coaches:

Can conduct TLS Weight Loss Support for Clients
Offer TLS in HP practice, Fitness or any professional setting
Ability to list and charge for TLS Overviews and Support Classes in the NMTSS
Receive leads from TLS Website
Listed on TLS Website as a consultant
Bi-Weekly Trainer and Coaches Conference Call (Training)