Live Webinar May 11th at 8:00pm

How many of us knows what it feels like to start something with the fullest of enthusiasm and then lose the motivation and momentum to the point of stopping? Nowhere does this happen as often as within a weight loss commitment.  Every January, the gyms fill up with eager new years resolutionist (new word), looking to get into their best body in years. Well, as we all know, that enthusiasm usually falls off sometime in February or March, if not sooner.

Most times, the #1 reason for the fall off is due to lack of motivation. That’s why on June 5th, I will be hosting a 90 day challenge. This is an accountability program that will support you in all areas of exercise and nutrition and more.

This is NOT a boot camp class or your typical group fitness class.
It is the most inexpensive option for High Quality Personal Training and Coaching… Here’s what you GET!!
TLS 21 day challenge kit (Watch video)
Bodyfat analysis
Bi-Weekly weigh ins
Before/after pics and measurements
7 Day Detox plan
Weekly group motivational call
Grocery store tour
Private Facebook Group
Weekly educational videos (How to read food labels, good carbs/bad carbs etc)
2 Weekly Group Fitness class
Customized workout program you can access through your phone (home or gym)
Keep a daily journal (log your food, exercise, sleep etc..)
Coaching and accountability
2 nutritional/health calls during the challenge with licensed health and wellness professionals

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