Are you living the life of your dreams? As we close the year 2015, how was your year? Some people had an extraordinary, while other didn’t make a move. Some people were able to lose that 50 pounds or start that business, yet others are so ready for this year to be done with. On our next show, our guest will be Dr. Crystal Green, a.k.a,The Dream Life Doctor.

After earning her MA in Clothing and Textiles, her passion for the fashion and beauty industry extended her journey to a new path. And over the years, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become paramount. Therefore, she completed her 3rd certification in Health, Nutrition  & Lifestyle. “Passion for me means being healthy, staying fit, and living a fulfilled life.” It’s these principles that I share with my students, my clients, and hopefully with you.

Be sure to join us Tuesday, December 22nd at 5:30pm for this awesome interview.

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