A big belly is the most difficult to shift and can leave you frustrated and depressed. Belly fat can accumulate due to various causes. Too much belly fat is dangerous and can expose you to greater risks of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. So, here is a quick description of the major causes of belly fat you need to watch out for in your lifestyle.

Fast Foods

Fast foods are the most deceptive causes of belly fat. They contribute to a greater percentage of belly fat cases and can prove terrible in the fight against losing the excess fat. Fast foods might be convenient but are full of saturated fats, junk calories, refined carbohydrates and dietary cholesterol. Guess what? That will add to the inches in a major way.

While in a restaurant, consider ditching junk food and pursue healthier options such as salad. Alternatively, you can avoid fast food restaurants and befriend more grocery stores where you can plan your meals and also save money in the process.

Drinking sugary drinks and sodas

Gulping down one or two cans of soda each day is quite unhealthy. This behavior accelerates the rate of increase fat around your waistline. The high quantities of sugar in sodas and sugary drinks can trigger a more intensive craving for food. You might end up eating more than normal during mealtimes. To avoid build-up of extra belly fat, due to what you are drinking, try instead, water with lemon or other fruit , healthy smoothies and, or course, pure drinking water.

Dinning Late At Night

We’ve all faced times when the fridge is calling our name at 10pm or 11pm and if the will power isn’t strong enough,You might find yourself indulging. So, the truth is, your body might not manage to burn calories effectively whenever you retire to bed on a full stomach. Eating late can definitely increase thebelly fat and increase the possibilities of succumbing to indigestion and acid reflux.

To avoid eating late at night, plan your meals throughout the day, have a set time for dinner and bed time. Lastly, make sure you give yourself a minimum of 3 to 4 hours your last meal and bedtime.

Regular Consumption of Low-Fat Foods

Most people assume that high-fat foods are the culprit to storage of more fat in the belly area. But, here’s some truth for you. Beware of low-fat foods since most manufacturers are likely to add sugar to them. Thus, the more sugar you consume, the higher the chances you have to develop belly fat.

Depriving Your Body Adequate Sleep

The level of cortisol hormone increases whenever one fails to get enough sleep. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can lead to more craving for sugary foods. Naturally, adults are expected to rest for seven to nine hours each night. Obtaining the right hours of sleep helps you balance the cortisol levels and enhances production of leptin, a hormone responsible for controlling appetite.

Binge Eating

You are likely to lead yourself to binge eating whenever your emotions are at the peak. Even though you are angry, sad or upset, emotional eating will only turn troublesome and lead to the development of belly fat. Instead of turning to food when stressed, consider taking a relaxing walk or talk to a friend about your condition.

The major causes of belly fat constitute a greater percentage of our lifestyle. Now that you know some what to do’s and what not to do’s, make the necessary healthy lifestyle changes and eliminate belly fat.