Real weight loss is about lifestyle change and this program is designed for people who are serious about improving their health and making better lifestyle choices. It is about breaking old habits (ie: drinking soda) and making new ones (exercising daily.) Making new habits is not something that happens overnight. It takes daily practice, conscious awareness, and continued support.

Each time you repeat it, the habit gets stronger. The stronger it gets, the more likely you are to perform it without having to consciously think about it. By the end of the challenge you will have lost fat, developed a realistic lifestyle that allows you reach your fitness goals, develop good eating habits and learn how to indulge in moderation.

 While this is great for those who can participate, we know that some people schedules just do not allow it! If you would like to get  your body in shape, then this 90 day fat loss challenge is for you.

The challenge will start Monday, January 16. It will start with a 7 day detox. The information about the can be seen through the video below. Group fitness classes and personal training sessions will be held at 5717-B West Market street.


This is NOT a boot camp class or your typical group fitness class.
It is the most inexpensive option for High Quality Personal Training and Coaching… Here’s what you GET!!
TLS 21 day challenge kit (Watch video)
Bodyfat analysis
Weekly weigh ins
Before/after pics and measurements
    7 Day Detox plan (Watch video)
Weekly group motivational call
Grocery store tour
Weekly educational videos (How to read food labels, good carbs/bad carbs etc)
Required 2 Weekly Group Fitness class
Customized workout program you can access through your phone (home or gym)
Keep a daily journal (log your food, exercise, sleep etc..)
Coaching and accountability
Required 2 nutritional classes during the challenge


No gym membership? No problem… I will personally sponsor a 3 month membership to Planet Fitness for you so that you are able to keep your workouts going throughout the week.

I don’t think I’m leaving anything out of this challenge. You have everything to help you get lose that 30 to 40 pounds of FAT in 90 days.

If you follow the program you will be WOWED!! with the results you get with this system.

The total investment in this challenge is ONLY $500, at which you can pay in 3 installments.

1st Installment – $250

2nd Installment – $125

3rd Installment – $125

As I said, the start date is the 16th of January. I will be hosting weekly conference calls to get your questions answered starting this week.. This challenge is for men and women.

todds_promo_image If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 917-279-0877 or email me